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NJ Local Raw Honey

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About EcoBee Supply
EcoBee Supply is a progressive product and service supplier in the beekeeping industry located in Morristown, NJ.  At the heart of their mission is increasing public awareness of the agricultural importance of honey bees and promoting their conservation.

The Challenge
Increasing EcoBee supply's traffic & engagement through their website.

The Solution

Redesign the website to improve the branding and product presentation



Sole UX/UI Designer

4 weeks











1.1 Heuristic Evaluation
I conducted a heuristic evaluation of the current website across three devices. Mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Main Insights

  • The layout of the website makes it difficult to showcase the right products to customers

  • The visual design of the website does not reflect the company's vision

  • Not enough information on products to make an informed purchasing decision

1.2 Competitive Analysis
I also conducted a competitive analysis on 3 direct competitors. I identified what a clear layout and creative branding should look like. 

andrews honey screenshot.png
local hive honey screenshot.png
dessert creek screenshot.png
competitive audit ecobee.png

Main Insights

  • 3/3 of competitors had shop & best sellers on the homepage

  • 3/3 of competitors communicated their brand mission through about us/messaging

  • 2/3 competitors had CTA's linking to additional products


2.1 High-level Concepts
I began ideating through a few iterations of low-fidelity wireframes.

Homepage web concept 1.png

Concept 1
Focused on Bulk Honey Offering

Homepage web (1).png

Concept 2
Focused on product & information

Homepage web concept 3 ecobee.png

Concept 3
Focused on shop

I decided on concept 2 since one of the main goals was to improve customer engagement and provide the right information on EcoBee's best sellers & what products/services they offer.

2.2 Responsive Design
Wireframes for mobile & tablet were also created to ensure components were the same size across devices. 

mobile wireframes ecobee.png


tablet wireframes ecobee.png



3.1 Style Guide
To ensure consistency across different devices and screens, I developed a style guide to match the current EcoBee Supply logo & branding. This made it easier for me to design colors, fonts, and sizing for components.


3.2 Hi-Fidelity Designs 
With the style guide set and approved by the client, I started working on designing the final mockups. The client wanted to keep a simple and minimalist style with the website.


home hi fidelity, decisions.png

Bulk Honey

bulk honey hi fidelity decisions.png


4.1 Prototype
I created web and mobile prototypes to use during usability testing.

EcoBee Supply Desktop Prototype

EcoBee Supply Mobile Prototype

4.2 - User Testing Plan


Conduct a moderated study to see if users can navigate through the Ecobee supply easily and if they are able to find the information they need clearly. The goal is to learn about EcoBee Supply as a potential customer.

4.3 - User Testing Results


  • Participants were able to successfully form a purchasing opinion on the products

  • Low user error rate

  • High satisfaction rates w/ overall website experience (navigation, visual design)


5.1 Looking Back

I was able to help a local New Jersey honey company increase 30% traffic volume, 13% increase in sales, and an increase in returning users by 21%. I also helped customers find information more easily on the website. I'm glad I could help create a positive and lasting impact on their brand image which will aid them in achieving their mission.

5.2 Looking Ahead

I realized for this project that I was limited in helping this small business with the implementation of the design due to a gap in coding knowledge. This inspired me to take the next step towards expanding my skillset! I'll be tackling HTML so that I can further help my clients down the line!

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