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White Label Video Streaming Platform

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About JETSWEAT White Label
JETSWEAT provides best-in-class digital streaming solutions for top fitness professionals in the world.  
They enable boutique studios and fitness content creators to better compete against digital giants through a white-label video streaming platform.

The Challenge is a B2B website that aims to target boutique fitness & health brands. Currently, the website lacks strategic direction in its service branding, information architecture, and user journey. As the sole UX designer on this project, the goal was to redesign the website to strategically target customers.

The Solution
A new strategy and a website redesign that focuses on the target audience.


Sole UX/UI Designer


8 weeks


The Business Impact
Increase traffic to the site & and increase # of demo forms filled out (lead generation).





1.1 JETSWEAT Customers
After conversations with the CEO and Product Manager, I understood that JETSWEAT white label is targeting health & fitness brands both small and large.

The main goal of the
website is to convince the audience to get in contact with or schedule a demo with a representative. 


1.2 Personas
We created our proto-personas which provide a foundation of our MVP design.

jetsweat personas together.png

Main Insights

  • Jetsweat wants to target people that need to digitize studio content

  • Pricing is key in the decision-making process

  • The site should lead to a demo and/or representative 

1.3 Website UX Audit 
As part of my initial research, I conducted a UX audit on the existing website using the personas to identify core customer needs while navigating the site. 

web ux audit

Main Insights

  • Nav bar lacks strategic information architecture

  • Reputation/trust missing from homepage

  • Messaging doesn't convey the benefit of the service 

1.4 Competitive Analysis
I conducted a competitive analysis on 3 competitors in the same White Label Video streaming space (Tribe Fitness, Vimeo OTT, Uscreen Tv).

competitive analysis jetsweat chart 2.png

Main Insights

  • Pricing should be included in the navigation menu

  • Jetsweat visual design lacks cohesion due to low resolution, bulky text


2.1 Customer Journeys
We built out the customer journeys to walk in our customer's shoes and visualize their emotions. 


Customer Journey Map.png

Main Insights

  • Jetsweat has an opportunity to reassure customers through targeted messaging

  • Pricing Jetsweat has an opportunity to capture leads through a "schedule demo" CTA

2.2 Key Messaging
We focused on creating messaging that captures the needs of our users and used this formula to create targeted messaging across our pages:

  • Now you can [what can customers achieve]

  • What is it [product/service]

  • Who is it for [audience]

  • What's the benefit [benefit from product/service]


Screenshot 2023-05-05 130348.png


homepage mockup language market fit.png


3.1 High-Level Concepts
Lo-Fi wireframes allowed me to quickly showcase the main features and organizational hierarchy I outlined based on the site map & customer journey.


lofi concept 1 jetsweat.png

Concept 1
Focusing on customer reviews

lofi concept 3 jetsweat.png

Concept 2
Focused on features/benefits

lofi concept 2 wireframes jetsweat.png

Concept 3
Focused on reputation

I decided to go with concept 3 because we wanted to showcase our reputation & build trust by placing a "featured in" section at the top of the page. Concept 3 also included a "customer reviews" section at the bottom (not shown).

3.2 Iterations
After presenting the Lo-Fi wireframes to the team and leadership, I synthesized the feedback and made the following design changes:

1. Nav Bar 

  • Removed "how it works" 

  • Added "who we serve"

Reasoning: We removed "how it works" and replaced with "who we serve" so that we could strategically target our customer segments (boutique studios, Sports teams)

2. Nav Bar & Information Architecture

  • Resources becomes a drop-down

  • Press, blog, and success stories become 3 separate pages

Reasoning: Allows for scalability and future pages such as "success stories" & "blog"

1. Nav Bar 

nav bar changes.png

2. Nav Bar & Information Architecture

resources changes.png

3.3 Design System
Because Jetsweat is still an early-stage startup I encountered inefficiencies with the design process. To decrease the time spent designing, I created a small design system of reusable components for the team's library.

Design system jetsweat.png

3.4 Mockups

hi fi mockups jetsweat.png

3.5 Developer Handoff
To ensure consistency and seamless implementation of designs, I annotated the designs and leveraged the existing style guide to guide developer handoff to Webflow.

jetsweat annotations.png
jetsweat style guide.png

results & reflection

+27% increase in traffic to the site
+15% increase in demo forms completed

Version 1 of the desktop website was successfully launched and already I've observed multiple areas for improvement including creating responsive versions for mobile and usability testing.

Although I would have liked to refine and detail version 1 of the website, I understand the importance of having an MVP and then focusing on iterations later on with customer data to back up the changes. For next steps, we will be conducting usability testing to understand how well our designs are capturing our audience.

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